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Re: [News] Polls: Linux and OpenOffice Viable alternatives to Windows and Office

__/ [ thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Thursday 27 April 2006 22:10 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Will Linux will ever be a serious challenger to Windows on the desktop?"
>> 66 answered yes and 34 answered no, providing an almost two to one
>> response in favour of Linux.
>> "Would you try Open Office.org instead of buying MS Office 2003?"  Of the
>> 441 respondents which voted in the space of 18 hours, 381 (86.4%) voted
>> yes while just 60 (13.6%) voted no.
> While this is encouraging, on-line polls should always be taken with a
> grain of salt.  The sample is likely skewed to a more tech savvy crowd,
> and these things are always vulnerable to ballot stuffing.

You are more than right. However, how can a non-tech-savvy crowd ever comment
on Linux and OpenOffice. many mediocre users haven't the slightest clue
about Linux and OpenOffice.

While the poll is not very meaningful, it does not fail to deliver some
encouraging message. If it was run 2-5 years ago, I have no doubt the
outcome would be different.

Best wishes,


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