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Re: Google Promote Firefox, Again

__/ [ dapunka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 21:11 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>,----[ Quote ]
>>| Thanks to the marketing team at Google, Firefox >is the first third
>>| party product to be featured on Google's >homepage. For now, only IE
>>| users in the US will see the promo.
> I think this is absolutely reasonable. I've lost track  of the number
> of sites that tell me I need Internet Explorer to see the site in all
> its glory.
> If it's ok for some sites to push an insecure browser like IE, what can
> be wrong with other sites recommending a more secure alternative?

Don't  forget  that  most Google pages (the SERP's at the  least)  can  be
rendered  just  fine  by IE5 and IE6 (among predecessors). For  Google  to
speak for the Web, to which it is the main gateway, would be a bold move.

All  the  buzz  which this tactic creates seems to have  deterred  Google.
Ghost  says this campaign has potentially reached an end, based on what he
sees in the States, under IE. One wonders if Google use the browser cookie
to count page requests and cease to recommend Firefox after a while.

Best wishes,


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