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Re: [News] Washington Post: Windows Spies on Users Without Their Consent

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

,----[ Quote ]
| The Washington Post is reporting that a recent update by Microsoft is
| now scanning people's machines to see if they have valid license, and
| reporting back to Microsoft, all without user intervention.
A serious problem for many of my clients and customers is this:
They purchase a new computer, with a legitimate sticker on the outside of the case.

They power it up in a bout a week, after unpacking it and setting everything up on the new desk they ordered and had to wait upon delivery...
then, they go to register and find that their numbe has already been registered, and that they are now the thieves!

Now, they come to me and ask me, as the expert, what to do! Of course, I tell them that they don't have those kind of problems, with GNU/Linux!

Then, either they return their product to the Chain store where they got it, after several hours of hassles and superior snubbing because they are 'stupid' customers, they force a return of their money,


they simply are so dusgusted with Microsoft and the many 'Partners' who are all out to rip them off, that they vow to get a white box, from now on, and to run GNU/Linux (especially after they see PCLinuxOS on their monitor!).

It ain't just that Microsoft suck$, and is a multiple felon, so that we should expect such rip-offs. It is also the multitude of 'partners' who want to grab the most cash through con games, to take advantage of the guileless and innocent consumer! Things that are dishonest, like the anti-virus software suite, the firewall software, the spybot killer that all add to the price the consumer pays!

PLUS, the hardware makers that don't release their info for devices can suck just as badly!

Well, now, I have taken my meds and am calming down... boy, when I am President, some heads will roll!

Use Linux, try some of these:
http://livecdlist.com    http://distrowatch.com

and, learn something:  http://yolinux.com

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