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[News] The Impact of Linux Becoming More Commonplace

The benefits of ubiquitous Linux:

        * Common protocols
        * Management interfaces
        * Security
        * Customization
        * Enterprise application platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux continues to make highly visible inroads into IT infrastructure,
| with IDC reporting 14 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth in
| Linux server shipments through the third quarter of last year. Less
| visible to both IT professionals and casual observers alike is the
| equally impressive penetration of Linux in a wide range of client
| devices, from routers to firewalls, from private branch exchanges to
| voice-over-IP phones, from printers to imaging devices and from thin
| clients to smart mobile phones.
| [...]
| As Linux spreads across the infrastructure, the dream of building
| reusable and redeployable applications and middleware edges closer
| to reality.
| Today, Linux is a large, even dominant force at the core and edge of
| the enterprise, ubiquitous in the data center and in infrastructure,
| and it's making inroads on the corporate desktop and in phones,
| handhelds and other clients. As OSDL and community projects continue
| to close technical gaps and remove barriers to deployment, Linux
| will increasingly provide a viable platform for business-critical,
| end-to-end enterprise applications.


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