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Re: Gnome looks hideous

__/ [ Geico Caveman ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 03:43 \__

> Ok, I take it back. I thought KDE looked much better than Gnome, at par
> with OS X. I tried out the latest Gnome packages with Debian testing last
> night. Well, there is no nice way of putting it - it looks positively
> hideous. Even windows has never looked this bad. What has happened to
> people developing Gnome ?? 2-3 years ago, it was a serviceable product,
> feature equal of KDE. However, Gnome has actually gone backwards over the
> last 2 years.

Different strokes for different folks. Don't rely on default themes and first
impressions too much.



There are Tiger-lookalikes for GNOME as well, in case it is any reference to
go by. KDE is no exception:


> I understand it if Gnome cannot keep up with KDE or OS X, but to be worse
> off than it was 2 years ago is pathetic. Almost makes me think that Gnome
> development and its widescale acceptance by most big vendors/distros
> (Redhat, Novell, Ubuntu, etc.) is a Microsoft conspiracy :) Of all the
> desktops currently available for Linux, barring twm, icewm, and the like
> (no even fvwm looks and feels better), Gnome is absolutely the worst
> desktop available. I mean, are these people on meth or something. Forget
> looks, how about usability ? Settings are hidden away in the most
> unintuitive corners possible (or maybe my imagination is limited and things
> could be worse still).

GNOME is not as flexible. Linus Torvalds has criticised such choices, which
had been arrogantly made in interests of simplicity. For that reason,  I
presonally favour KDE, but I use GNOME sometimes and I respect it for its
merits, simplicity and intuitiveness being at the top.

Novell chose GNOME as the default desktop environment for some products. This
must have had a reason. As for abolishment of old WM's, bear in mind that
developers migrated from the old projects to GNOME or KDE. You can still get
reliability and lightweight consumption from the old-yet-highly-stable WM's.
Whether you wish to boost system performance or make use of legacy hardware,
modularity saves the day.

> Not that Slackware is a big distro in terms of users any more, but Pat is
> doing every Slacker a big favour by not including Gnome junk with his work.

That's just /your/ opinion.

Best wishes,


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