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Re: [News] Pondering a Migration to Linux After 10 Days with Vista 'Ultimate'?

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 07:21:40 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>| Overall Windows Vista is most definitely a strong effort by 
>| Microsoft to replace Windows XP. Unfortunately thanks to many of
>| the problems I ran into over the last 10 days I can't recommend
>| it for anyone but early adopters or those who don't mind finding
>| work-arounds for these types of problems. Ultimately Windows
>| Vista does remind me of the ill-fated Windows Millennium
>| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Almost all of his problems can be attributed to hardware drivers.  His
mouse cursor problem, likely a video driver problem.  His suspend problem,
likely needs a bios update.  The only (perhaps) legitimate gripe about the
OS itself is his experience with force terminating Windows Explorer, but
then i've not seen that problem.  Sounds like it may have been related to
some of the other driver related problems he was experiencing.

After a few weeks from Vista retail launch, most of the hardware problems
should be sorted out by vendors, either issuing updated drivers or bios
updates.  The same was true of when XP was released.  

I'm not sure why he's complaining that Documents and Settings folder is
gone.. there is a compatability symlink in place for apps that try to use
it directly.

As for his comments about running Vista in 512MB, he was doing so with Aero
enabled... if you are going to use the minimum requirements, don't use
Aero.  It will be just as fast as using Vista with 1MB and Aero enabled.

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