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subliminal fud ..

  • Subject: subliminal fud ..
  • From: "Doug Mentohl" <doug_mentohl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 27 Dec 2006 05:46:20 -0800
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Dec 27 2006 12:43 Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Virtualization is making obsolete the notion of
> having one big monolithic operating system ..

Given the low cost of x86 hardware I can't see the huge benefits here.
Is this a case of  'new' VM washes whiter than 'old' whatever. The same
with dual/quad cores. Who cares except for the chip sellers. Now if
only they could innovate away, spam, viruses and page violations.

> Daniel Lyons is typically an anti-Free software guy, some have argued.

Like the utterances of Fuddie, Lyons pronounsments can be taken as a
Bellwether on where Redmond would like to go. In this case since the
NOVL agreement he can stop knocking Linux

"Long seen as adversaries, Linux and Windows are in fact complementary,
and most customers don't have a religious feeling about either of

Yet again we have a pro MS propagandist telling US what to think. But
then again this is aimed at the average clueless PHB. The adversarial
position was all one sided, Baller refering to the cancer and bill
secretly financing SCO. When he says complementary I assume this means
'Linux' stay out of our core business.

"They want both. Novell and Microsoft were the first to recognize that
when they made their recent peace pact; both will benefit from that
move in the year ahead"

Just a change of tack by the vole ..

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