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Re: Seen in Internet Explorer Newsgroup

__/ [Nigel Feltham] on Wednesday 01 February 2006 19:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "Everyone on the IE team (even the lawyers who reviewed the license terms
>> below) wants to make your web browsing experience safer and easier," the
>> agreement says.
>> From there, it gets pretty unfunny pretty quick.
>> </quote>
> Why, does it continue "but can't be bothered so here's another dose of the
> same unreliable crapware we've been forcing on you for the last 20 years"?

20 years? Who were Microsoft in the 1980's? They had no monopoly or momentum
going for them at the time. The lock-in strategy was probably in its
diapers. Then came munchkins (&FUD), a blind eye to piracy, and dishonour
for standards, which in obscure ways evolved into lock-ins.

Many of us innocently fell for that 'charm' of Windows 3, including myself.
Little do we realise that Google may be headed in a similar direction. They
don't discriminate against platforms (though desktop applications make this
highly arguable), but ownership of information and "fair use" become a
double-edged sword.


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