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Re: Seen in Internet Explorer Newsgroup

__/ [Gordon] on Wednesday 01 February 2006 09:16 \__

> Quote:
> "I am the director of Information systems for a very large company, we have
> always found unique ways of dealing with large rollouts of operating system
> support. Since we "choose" another solution over SMS to deliver content and
> updates to our desktops (i.e. Tivoli), the "Microsoft genuine Software"
> checks
> have completely hosed our automation endeavors, most notably with IE
> updates while I know there are solutions around it, guess what, I'm tired
> of jumping through hoops , and being called a thief by this monolithic, out
> of touch company. They had better be careful , there are alternatives now
> to "everything" they make. I for one am suggesting an immediate move of our
> entire user base to firefox, and the next move will be to alternative OS's
> completely."
> Well done Microsoft!

...That guy should wait until Internet Explorer 7 comes around


In that spirit, I gave a quick read of the end-user license agreement that
accompanies the public beta of Internet Explorer 7. The IE 7 license
agreement is both humorous and disturbing.

Funny is the introduction, which begins by thanking the user for "choosing

"Everyone on the IE team (even the lawyers who reviewed the license terms
below) wants to make your web browsing experience safer and easier," the
agreement says.

>From there, it gets pretty unfunny pretty quick. 

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