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Re: screencasts

__/ [dgd] on Wednesday 01 February 2006 10:27 \__

> Greetings
> I've been creating screencasts of Cygwin and Edubuntu and posting the
> movies at video.google.
> http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=linux+tutorial

That's really useful. I'll have a look and refer some friends.

> I VNC into my Edubuntu machine from my XP machine and record the screen
> behavior of Edubuntu using Demostudio on the XP box. It works. It's
> relatively easy. It's a workaround until there's an easy to use
> screencasting tool that produces videos for Linux.

There are actually some valuable Open Source tools for a simple task as such,
but perhaps they escape people's attention. You possibly just feel more
comforable with what you already know -- a very natural instinct to most.
Mencoder and import can handle some of this work. I believe that a GTK or QT
front-end which simplifies the process should take a couple of days to
program and test. Maybe you should make a screencast of screencasting under
Linux, if not provide a set of instruction or wrap together a collection of

> Screencasts can put a softer face on Linux for the curious and if they
> are instructive then all the better! Create a screencast of your
> favorite Linux app today!

Agreed; Especially since there are not many people to demonstrate its use.
Sadly, I come across very few people who even know what "Linux looks like".
A colleague of mine (who works in IT) still thinks that Linux is "everything

> best
> Dennis
> p.s.
> I know of and have used:
> Wink (no vid, no audio, not OSS)
> Xvidcap
> Demostudio
> Camstudio
> Camtasia ($)
> Qarbon (swf)
> Other tools not tested or don't create mpeg or avi:
> vnc2swf
> istanbul (OGG but video.google doesn't support OGG)

Encoding as Flash is rarely a good solution. A common codec should prevent
the reliance on a software vendor.

Best wishes,


PS - not posted in this group for a couple of weeks as I took a vacation. New
Linux box set up for a former Windows user, who is impressed with KDE and in
the course of just 2 days burned and explored Mandriva and Ubuntu for the
first time. I was very impressed by Mandriva 2006 myself...

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