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Re: Google indexing vs. search results, your advice is welcome

__/ [Slava] on Thursday 02 February 2006 20:13 \__

> Here is the story behind my website.
> My website http://www.buy-modern-art.com was started in March 2005 as a
> dynamic PHP/MySQL website, and from the very beginning I've had
> problems with Google. First, it took Google six month just to list all
> of
> my pages, but after that nothing besides the homepage was ever updated
> for a long time.

Did you have any links pointing to your site at the time?

> Back in November 2005 I wrote a script that replaced all of my php
> pages with html extensions, ...

Waste of time. These are treated as data objects, so extensions are rather
meaningless as far as I know.

> ... and I made sure that all of my meta tags
> were correct. ...

Only "description" is accounted for. Your site description is left for your
to select whereas the rest is binned, not just by Google.

> ... Nothing changed. I still had old results from August
> 2005. Four weeks ago I submitted Google sitemap with all of my pages
> listed, and finally last week my site was indexed correctly by Google.

I am guessing that your site lacked inbound links. XML site maps sped up the
process or crawling, but residing in the index and having a decent rank are
separate issues. Indexed content which is an island is often poor or is
spam. Search engines cannot detect spam automatically, but they can only
have an attempt at guessing. Show that you know people. Show that your site
is worthy of being linked to.

> However, I still don't see any results on Google, even though my site
> is optimized. I rank pretty good on MSN, and some of my pages rank
> fairly well on Yahoo, even though I am still not completely indexed on
> Yahoo. Google only lists some images from my site when I do searches
> for the major keywords that are used for the SEO on my site.

Google Images index is updated very rarely and new images are added rather
slowly. Don't use it as an indicator of progress of a new Web site.

> Does it mean that my site is not optimizeds well for Google, or does it
> simply take some time for Google to display my results after my site
> was indexed? If yes, how much time does it usually take? Also, besides
> enriching content and building links, are there are any major areas
> that I need to concentrate on in terms of SEO for Google?

Content, content, (original) content; and contextually-related links!

Good luck,


Roy S. Schestowitz      |    WARNING: /dev/null running out of space
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E

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