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Re: Looking for a referral option similar to tinyurl

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [John Bokma] on Thursday 02 February 2006 18:57 \__
>> "Nospam" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I wonder if this is possible, if I wanted to use something similar
>>> to tinyurl to refer people to a site, but to have several individual
>>> tinyurl sites (so I am aware of which referer brought the traffic)
>>> could such a thing be possible?
>> tinyurl does make an URL smaller, and redirects to the real thing.
>> You could encode a referer code in the URL, and then make it tiny.
> I  think the OP wants to create several tiny URL's, all of which point
>  to the  same site. This is a hack, which enables the Webmaster to
> investigate routes of traffic. It is similar to the idea of giving
> multiple E-mail ad- dresses  to different people in order to know how

> addresses have leaked to aggressive companies or spammers.


gives 5 different tiny URLs, all going to the same page :-D.

Other option is:


and 301 redirect that to the right page

> The     first    such    service    I    became    familiar    with   

Fully justified text has several disadvantages, the fact that when I quote 
your text, the > is added to the left, and the quote is rejustified makes 
an even bigger mess out of it :-(

> principle permalink, but not  perma- companies.

Which have outlived a lot of the URLs they have been redirecting too :-D

(PS: haven't had time to read your paper yet, toooo busy)

John                    Freelance Perl programmer: http://castleamber.com/

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