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Re: Looking for a referral option similar to tinyurl

__/ [John Bokma] on Thursday 02 February 2006 18:57 \__

> "Nospam" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I wonder if this is possible, if I wanted to use something similar to
>> tinyurl to refer people to a site, but to have several individual
>> tinyurl sites (so I am aware of which referer brought the traffic)
>> could such a thing be possible?
> tinyurl does make an URL smaller, and redirects to the real thing. You
> could encode a referer code in the URL, and then make it tiny.
I  think the OP wants to create several tiny URL's, all of which point  to
the  same site. This is a hack, which enables the Webmaster to investigate
routes of traffic. It is similar to the idea of giving multiple E-mail ad-
dresses  to different people in order to know how addresses have leaked to
aggressive companies or spammers.

The     first    such    service    I    became    familiar    with    was
http://www.makeashorterlink.com/.   A   friend  recently  told  me   about
http://snipurl.com  . See if these offer more functionality than  tinyurl.
Bear  in mind that less popular services will most likely have your  URL's
broken  earlier. I think these are in principle permalink, but not  perma-


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