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Re: Website Management Tool with Thumb Gallery Web publishing

__/ [MC] on Friday 03 February 2006 22:26 \__

> I am looking for a recommendation for a Website Builder that provides
> management/administration of thumb galleries of URLs and local picture and
> video.

I am reluctant to recommend software for a pr0nographic site, but regardless:
with the exception of videos (need separate software to extract first/key
frame), you could use the Open Source Gallery and take advantage of screen

> The site will consist of several pages of Thumb nail galleries, with thumbs
> pointing both local pics and clips and to URLs with pics and clips.  It
> should
> also include a bulletin board or forum sections.   The website management
> feature should allow me to publish and update the site in the least amount
> of time possible.

Bulletin board or forum in a pr0n site? You could use vBulletin, punBB,
phpBB, bbPress or the likes of them. Even PHP-Nuke has a phpBB-based forums

> Thump nail gallery utility with web publishing capabilities, that handles
> pictures, movies, clips and URL links.  Additionally have a forum on
> bulletin
> board feature to allow users to post messages and make comments.  And
> finally, I like to be able to publish various reviews and editorials and
> track them in an archive.

You repeated yourself above, but I guess that PHP-Nuke will provide a nice
environment. It does not integrate so seamlessly with Gallery though.

> Can anyone recommend a Website builder tool that provides this
> functionality??
> Thanks
> Mark C.

Hope it helps,


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