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Re: counting pages with acrobat

__/ [Dica] on Friday 03 February 2006 19:41 \__

> this is a bit off topic, but the acrobat newsgroups don't exactly appear to
> be thriving.
> anybody know if there's a way to create a macro so that acrobat will open
> all pdf fiels in a folder and add a blank sheet to the very end. i can do
> this manually, but i've got thousands of files to process. i've used
> photoshop's ability to create a macro to batch process files, but acrobat
> seems to lack this functionality.
> tks in advance.


Acrobat Reader 7 does not have this ability built in. PDF manipulation is not
truly available in the command-line level/mode, and is thus not scriptable.
I have even searched the Web to confirm this. GhostView will not help here

As the format in question is too complex to be changed by appending text (it
is intended to be secure), you must take the route of bloatware. You could
use semi-automatic ways at best, but still must work through the GUI, I
suspect. If the PDF's are generated from TeX, you can easily batch-process
the TeX and then batch-compile all the TeX to get the PDF's you want.

Hope it helps,


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