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Re: Microsoft Says Europe Blocks Its Defense

__/ [nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Friday 03 February 2006 19:25 \__

> "As the antitrust noose tightened around Microsoft in Europe, the
> company went on the offensive Thursday, accusing the European
> Commission of denying it access to documents it needs to defend
> itself...

Now they know how *we* feel. ("denying it access to documents").

> "[The March, 2004 ruling] fined Microsoft 497 million euros (about $600
> million at the time) and ordered it to change the way it does business
> in Europe. Microsoft paid the fine, but the commission says the company
> has still not provided enough information on its Windows operating
> system to allow makers of rival software to build products that work
> smoothly with Windows - one of the main requirements of the 2004
> ruling. If the company does not comply with the ruling, the commission
> can fine Microsoft up to 2 million euros a day.
> In a letter to the commission dated Monday that was leaked to the
> press, Microsoft accused the European antitrust regulator of 'seriously
> prejudicing Microsoft's right of defense.'"
> http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/03/business/worldbusiness/03soft.html

How about prejudicing Netscape's right to /exist/? Or many of the other
companies that were pushed outwards by the bundling of software to replace
free, third-party software...


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