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Re: startup acrobat reader takes a lot of time

__/ [Test] on Thursday 02 February 2006 18:32 \__

> On Thu, 02 Feb 2006 13:10:55 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Aragorn] on Thursday 02 February 2006 12:13 \__
>>> On Thursday 02 February 2006 08:54, Jan Schubert stood up and spoke the
>>> following words to the masses in /alt.os.linux.gentoo...:/
>>>> For some time the startup of the acrobat readers takes ages to come
>>>> up. Any hints in here?
>>> Hard to tell...  It's proprietary software. ;-)
>>> Why not use a Free & Open Source Software alternative?  /xpdf,/ /kpdf?/
>>> ;-)
>> Same opinion here. It was long ago that I set Acrobat Reader to be the
>> secondary application (accessible from the context mane if needed) while
>> KGhostView is the default viewer in Konqueror (and Firefox too). It takes
>> just a couple of seconds to open documents, even without that initial,
>> first launch (unlike Adobe's resource beast). Speaking of which, it is
>> also more responsive, it works neatly and seamlessly over FTP (I often
>> generate PDF's remotely) and leaves more memory available.
>> Roy
> I gave up on acroreader due to it's startup times, potential security
> holes (it can run javascript, background downloads without telling you)
> and its bloated features set. Instead I've standardized on gv and
> ghostview because of the nice look of gv in any window manager and it's
> far smaller footprint as it doesn't include any gnome/kde dependencies.

In relation to your first point,


Version 5 of Acrobat Reader was the only choice for quite a few years and it
compromised the computer, potentially making hijacking a possibility.

Acrobat Reader is proof of the statement that bloatware does not do the job.
It only devours time in vain.


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