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__/ [Jim Carlock] on Saturday 04 February 2006 03:46 \__

> When setting up the "keywords" meta tag for search engines, is
> there a penalty or a boost for duplicating words? For example,
> when using phrases, words might be duplicated...
> <meta name="keywords" content="custom designed swimming pool;swimming
> pool;inground swimming pool;" />

These are ignored by search engines, Google included. They have an historical
significance, but spamming made them futile. Keywords are defined by
scanning your pages and checking density (repeatability) of terms.

> And does the above resolve to phrases? Does it matter? Does
> Google or any other search engines penalize for duplicating the
> keyword phrases? Anyone have some suggestions?
> Looking for some help in getting a website boosted to the top
> of Google's list when someone types in:
> Raleigh Swimming Pool Builder
> or
> North Carolina Swimming Pool Builder
> Thanks much for any and all suggestions.
> Jim Carlock
> Post replies to the newsgroup.
> <a href="http://aquaticcreationsnc.com";>North Carolina Swimming Pool
> Builder</a>

Repeat the phrases "Raleigh Swimming Pool Builder" and "North Carolina
Swimming Pool Builder" (or the likes of them) in your page. Bear in mind
that <title> <h[number]>, and font size/weight may have more contribution to
the impact of the terms.

Additionally, get inbound links to your site where the anchor text (that
which is 'clickable') is/contains "Raleigh Swimming Pool Builder" and/or
"North Carolina Swimming Pool Builder".

Good luck,


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