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Re: SEO, Meta, and Favicon (was: META KEYWORDS - GOOGLE)

__/ [Jim Carlock] on Wednesday 08 February 2006 08:02 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted:
>> Keywords are defined by scanning your pages and checking
>> density (repeatability) of terms.
>> Repeat the phrases "Raleigh Swimming Pool Builder" and
>> "North Carolina Swimming Pool Builder" (or the likes of them) in
>> your page. Bear in mind that <title> <h[number]>, and font
>> size/weight may have more contribution to the impact of the terms.
> Font-size? Perhaps you mean all the <h_> tags as opposed to font-
> size?

I am not sure that font size is accounted for. Some tools that I use suggest
that size is merely irrelevant, but I doubt it. Bear in mind, however, that
in properly-developed sites, information regarding size should be contained
in stylesheet. Crawlers do not bother with styles, let alone JavaScript.
Thus, in-line styling differs from semantic markup and should be treated

>> Additionally, get inbound links to your site where the anchor text
>> (that which is 'clickable') is/contains "Raleigh Swimming Pool Builder"
>> and/or "North Carolina Swimming Pool Builder".
> I noticed your using three <meta name="robots" /> tags on your
> website. What's the purpose for that? http://Schestowitz.com
> Nice layout. I like that spinning icon. I used to have some software
> somewhere that created animated icons (wow that was from the
> Windows 3.1 days).
> Your robots tags...
> <meta name="ROBOTS" content="ALL">
> <meta name="ROBOTS" content="index">
> <meta name="ROBOTS" content="follow">
> Thanks for the help.
> Jim Carlock
> Post replies to the group.

Hi Jim,

I wrote the meta bits over a year ago when I did not know they had become
useless. I leave them as a sort of legacy, but I can assure you that certain
sites pick them for statistics-gathering pusposes. The cost, however, is
increased page size, which slows down fetching (not rendering) a wee bit.
For sites that are not optimised for size, this might be acceptable.

Regarding animated icons, you can easily achieve this with open source
software. The art work is largely handled by scripts that are contained in
the application. See instructions at:


Best wishes,


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