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(News) Google Statement on Network Neutrality


PDF therein, which contains Vent Cerf's statement. For those not wishing to
read an 8-pager (plenty of dross), here are the key sentences, which were
underlined in the document. In order of appearance):

* Allowing broadband carriers to control what people see and do online would
fundamentally undermine the principles that have made the Internet such a

* Finally, we would do well to take important lessons from other countries.
Whatever metric one uses, the United States lags behind other developed
countries in the deployment and use of high-speed connections to the
Internet. Ironically, many such countries employ the same principles of
network openness and nondiscrimination that helped shape our own experience
of the Internet.


The Internet has become an immense catalyst for economic growth and
prosperity, in this country and around the world. However, our nation is
risking the loss of that catalyst, just when the broadband era should be
creating the most benefits for the most people. Allowing the interests of
network owners to shackle the Internet could severely undercut our nation?s
ability to compete effectively in the global market. We must do all we can
to preserve the fundamental enabling principles of the Internet: user
choice, innovation, and global competitiveness.

Google looks forward to working with this Committee to fashion
carefully-tailored legislative language that protects the legitimate
interests of America?s Internet users. And that includes the future
interests of the next Google, just waiting to be born in someone?s dorm room
or garage.

Thank you.

Personal comment:

I notice that they abstain from answering the real questions, which people
expect them to address. They allude (in at least 2 parts of the text) to the
reasoning for censorship (this can be further generalised to sponsored ads
and the like): It is aimed to retain their global position, or as they pose
it in front of the Senate, they serve the interest of the American economy.

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