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Re: Microsoft Charges Customers to Mend Own Product

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [GreyCloud] on Wednesday 08 February 2006 20:47 \__
>> billwg wrote:
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:dsc9p3$1mjb$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>TITLE: Microsoft to Unveil Paid Security Service
>>>>In the past, MS could argue that third-party software for protection
>>>>was a
>>>>gimmick, a hoax. They finally reveal a double-faced attitude.
>>> You made that up, roy.  MS never said any such thing and so they 
>>> reveal
>>> nothing.
> Original post: "MS *could argue*"
> You: "MS never *said*"
Your "They finally reveal a double-faced attitude." is what shows the 
lie, roy.  Having never taken the position that you say they "could" 
have taken, the conclusion is false.

>> So?  What does it matter?  The thing is that M$ is wanting you buy 
>> more
>> security protection promises on a poorly designed o/s.  And then you
>> have the unknown exploits that are the most dangerous that M$ won't 
>> be
>> able to protect you from.  Yep.  Real security there.
> With Wanker (OneCare) around, Microsoft will be less inclined to fix 
> its
> flaws immediately. Instead, if thing go awry, they might argue that 
> you need
> protection like OneCare to 'seal the deal'.

A completely wrong analysis, roy.  If Microsoft were to lag Symantec and 
MacAfee and any others in guarding against flaws, their OneCare business 
would be in jeopardy immediately.  You have to be a real idiot to think 
that MS would not be very highly focused on protecting their huge 
revenue stream from Windows.  Managed code in Vista and .NET is one 
avenue to show the world that Windows is determined and OneCare is just 
another.  You unix trogs carp and sneer, but Mr. Softee is working away 
and it shows.  The linuxers don't show anything, they say they are 
invulnerable because they are so much more intelligent than the herd of 
"Windozers" who are the butt of their jokes.  But who would YOU rather 
deal with when it came time to pay the piper?  Some smug dweeb with his 
insults or the feel-your-pain Microsoftie working diligently to fix the 
problem?  The public takes notice and that is why you guy have no 
traction.  Not that you could ever come to see that!  LOL!!! 

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