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Re: Flash sites

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [Mica] on Thursday 09 February 2006 13:18 \__

> Proprietary formats that embed obscure objects here and there are an impi-
> dement  to communication. I strongly urge you to take people's advice  and
> avoid  Flash.  I have a PR4 Web site which is filled with Flash (upon  the
> client's  request) and it only gets about 10 referrals from search engines
> every  month. Mind you, I ensured that there are Flash-free paths to /all/
> site content and regardless, there might be penalty or apathy among search
> engines.

To a large extent I agree with Roy. I would like to add, or perhaps clarify, 
that some Flash content can be successfully implemented within web pages, 
but require a tremendously skilled SEO.  Web pages that consist exclusively 
of Flash components are difficult, often impossible, for the search engine 
spiders to extract meaningful keyphrase rich content. However, the visitor 
may enjoy a Flash presentation ( provided they have a high speed connection 
as frequently Flash animation are slow to load ) and Flash can be used to 
create a positive reflection of the web site's owner's professionalism and 
cutting-edge, but web pages built exclusively using Flash I find are 
incredibly difficult to position well in the search engine results pages. So 
there may be a balance here for you. Perhaps you may want to consider losing 
a bit of ranking position in order to provide a powerful presentation. There 
are too, other ways of promotion that you can consider if you decide to 
retain the Flash elements that you feel may be bogging down the web site's 
performance in the search engines.

I took a project in July whereas I tried to work around the Flash elements 
in an effort to regain top positions for a web site that was rebuilt in PHP 
with significant embedded Flash components. There was significant 
improvement but it was slow to come and required a sustained effort. 
Ultimately I was able to convince the web site owner that an HTML version 
reconstruction would be beneficial. The results of the renovations were 


Fred   web-site-promotion@xxxxxxxxxx
Basic SEO, Tools, Tips and Resources

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