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Re: Flash sites

__/ [Mica] on Thursday 09 February 2006 13:18 \__

> I wish to design completely in flash but many people tell me i should
> not have a site designed completely in flash. Recently i read that
> flash based sites are also indexable is it true?


I  heard  similar rumours from people, but let me explain to you why  it's
unlikely and impractical. This will also explain why Flash should be erad-
icated as a form of communication.

Text from your Flash binary (.swf file) may be extractable, but users will
be  referred to the clip as a /whole/ and then fail to navigate to the ap-
propriate place, which is of relevance.

How will text be highlighted in the target? How will it ever be copies and
pasted?  How  will a vanilla search engines be able to provide preview  of
the  text, which is also representative of its context (e.g. title)? Flash
is  associated  with  that same ol' "floating objects" paradigm  that  Mi-
crosoft have embraced with Office.

Proprietary formats that embed obscure objects here and there are an impi-
dement  to communication. I strongly urge you to take people's advice  and
avoid  Flash.  I have a PR4 Web site which is filled with Flash (upon  the
client's  request) and it only gets about 10 referrals from search engines
every  month. Mind you, I ensured that there are Flash-free paths to /all/
site content and regardless, there might be penalty or apathy among search

Hope it helps,


PS - apologies to anyone with Flash-based sites.

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