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Re: Programming..?

__/ [DervMan] on Saturday 04 February 2006 13:12 \__

> I'd like to learn how to program basic applications for PalmOS, huge topic
> I'm sure.  In the dim and distant past I used to program a C=64 using its
> BASIC, wow that was a long time ago - so I suppose a BASIC-like language
> might be a good place to start.  Google turns up NSBasic, but before I
> relearn BASIC, is there something else I should know...?

BASIC is for Windows-only design/compilation (historically not, but presently
one could argue it is so). People have asked in these newsgroups before if
BASIC code can be compiled for Palm and each time the answer was no.

For PalmOS, you would be better off practising C/C++. Get hold of the
Software Development Kit (SDK) from Palm and start from the "Hello World"
sample. Alternatively, take advantage of Open Source projects from Palm.
Hack the code and/or learn from it. See, for example:


It is not as daunting as it may seem if you first manage to compile and run
the code on a handheld. You can then detract from/strip the code to achieve
what you want and learn as you go along.

With kind regards,


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