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Re: Desktop icon sizing in SUSE 10.0

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [Jim Jones] on Saturday 04 February 2006 06:12 \__

Bob_M wrote:

I've installed version 10.0 on a few of my servers and due to the
large console monitor (19") my desktop standard icons are HUGE.

I know in my prior version (9.3) I was able to adjust the pixel size
to make them smally however I cannot seem to locate where to do this
in version 10.0.

So, can someone please point me to where that can be done???

 From KDE...

Control Center>Appearance and Themes>Icons>Advanced should get it for ya.


You can control the size of icons in the file manager (Konqueror), the desktop and other 'components' separately. As a side note, GNOME makes it somewhat easier as you can extend the size of icons individually.

If  I recall correctly, there are three such components if you follow  the
route  above (I am still on 9.x and 8.x, so I can't tell for sure). I per-
sonally prefer large (128x128 pixels) icons on my Desktop because previews
of  ASCII files, PDF's, and thumbnails of images make it a good reflectant
of  content that is worked on. Just ensure you move commonly-used programs
to the panels or use keyboard accelerators. Don't over-inflate the Desktop
with files either. It's only an evolving personal preference, of course.

Best wishes,


LOL Yep sure can, same menu as I was refering to only going thru Konqueror to get there. I forget about that all the time since it is a relatively new feature. Thanks for the reminder.


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