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Re: Rants about Vista UI

__/ [Sig Sauer] on Saturday 04 February 2006 17:27 \__

> On Sat, 04 Feb 2006 16:19:58 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Sig Sauer] on Saturday 04 February 2006 16:14 \__
>>> On Sat, 04 Feb 2006 06:19:50 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> I thought the following would be of interest to the group.
>>>> http://chris.pirillo.com/balog/_archives/2006/2/1/1739922.html
>>>>   (title: Microsoft Windows Vista: Senile Edition)
>>>> It comes from a Microshafter, who clearly needs virtual desktops too,
>>>> but doesn't seem to know the concept.
>>> C'mon. It's from Chris Pirillo. What a whiner. His current whine is about
>>> Vista Button size. WHHHHAAAAAA. I have a cure for ya Chris P, USE LINUX.
>>> Vista problem solved.
>>> Sig
>> I think he's slowly becoming Linux-inclined, which for him is ironic (or
>> an intimidating thought/regret).
>> Although his paycheck does not say Microsoft on it (maybe it does), he
>> hangs out with Scoble and others, he tests Microsoft products and
>> Microsoft (in return) use his Lockergnome Web site in their demos. There
>> must be an exchange of money, labour, and fame there, but I think that
>> Chris guy has had enough.
>> He frequently compalins about the inability to do proper work on that toy
>> operating system. He would argue that Vista is almost worse than XP, which
>> he does not seem contented with either. Reading his constant whines of
>> frustration is a joy, which is why that blog is worth syndicating.
>> Roy
> Hey Roy,
> Could be that Chris P is seeing just HOW dark the dark side truly is.
> He is a real "power user". Like most of us, Windows just doesn't do it any
> more. Even the beautiful Morgan Webb uses Linux at home. Or so she has
> said in the past.
> Sig

Interesting that you touch on that point. I posted the following URL about
half a dozen times in UseNet (a variety of contexts):


"Even as I'm watching the 2005 WinHEC keynote right now (which I downloaded
from a fan site, FWIW), I'm screaming at my screen! The Longhorn
demonstration was faaaaaar from impressive, and left me NOT wanting more -
but wanting to walk away altogether. Instead of watching with awe and
wonder, I'm watching with a very confused look on my face. My brow is
furrowed, and my fingers are slamming against the keys of my keyboard at
this very moment... I'm growing increasingly impatient."


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