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Re: Rants about Vista UI

__/ [Larry Qualig] on Saturday 04 February 2006 17:43 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I thought the following would be of interest to the group.
>> http://chris.pirillo.com/balog/_archives/2006/2/1/1739922.html
>>   (title: Microsoft Windows Vista: Senile Edition)
>> It comes from a Microshafter, who clearly needs virtual desktops too, but
>> doesn't seem to know the concept.
> Interesting read. What I found amusing is that you hear a lot of
> rants/gripes about the GUI and look and feel that Vista is going to
> have primarily from Linux users. Okay... so they don't think the UI is
> anything great.
> But here is what I find amusing.
> I've been running windowmaker on my SuSE machine lately. I really like
> the slick modern "Next Step" like UI. On my dock panel I added icons
> for the apps I run the most which is basically Konsole, Konqueror and
> Firefox. (I can get all the other apps from the menu)
> But the Konqueror icon is so damn ugly compared to all the other icons.
> It just stuck out like a sore thumb. Easy to replace the icon in
> windowmaker so I find this really good web-site that has
> icons/themes/etc ( www.kde-look.org ) and download a set of replacement
> icons. My favorite set was this: (the actual download has a LOT more
> than the screen shots show.)
> http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=24645

That is indeed a good-looking set. I personally chose to (partially) use a
GNOME set in KDE, which you can find under the name "vibrant" in
gnone-look.org. Many of the icons attain the highest resolution that is
128x128 pixels and alpha blending was aptly catered for.

This works best under my Desktop, which uses that size for strictly all
objects apart from tiny graphics files. It is helpful for previews of ASCII
files, PDF's, HTML files, and large thumbnails of graphics. This has been
possible in KDE for a very long time and is worth taking advantage of.

> I didn't want/use/install all of the icons... just the 3-4 that I
> wanted. My windowmaker desktop looks awesome now.... I'm really happy
> with the appearance. Note: It's pretty cool how Konqueror is able to
> transparently mount a tar-file.

It treats ZIP and gunzip files in the same way (even in KDE 3.1, which I
happen to be using at the moment). It makes compression a simple
drag-and-drop job. I can't recall if GNOME treats compressed files in a
similar way to Mac OS 9, namely uncompression is automatic upon download.

Linux sure adopted the approach of mounting USB(/other) devices voluntarily,
then displaying them in the Desktop while connected. Linux is much more
intuitive than its closed-source counterparts. I recently got confirmation
of that contention a total Linux newbee, who has never ever seen Linux
before. I let my friend try Ubuntu and Mandriva 2006 quite blindly. Boy, was
he impressed with the ease-of-use and even mastered some of the features the
following day. Many such features were uncalled for, e.g. professional sound
mixer, autodetection of all hardware, virtual/desktops and pager, advanced
window behaviour and the list goes on and on.

> But the amusing part is all of the "Vista-like" and "Vista-inspired"
> icon sets and themes at the web site. Not to mention all of the OS-X
> inspired themes and icon sets. So while many complain how lame
> Vista/OS-X is, it seems that many more Linux users want their Linux
> machine to actually look like Vista/OS-X.


> ( I'm very happy with how my windowmaker desktop looks so I don't fit
> in to that catagory. )

I quite like Aqua, I must admit. I created an OSX-lookalike Firefox theme
last year and I have tried a variety of Brushed Metal/Aqua themes for
Mozilla Thunderbird.


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