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Re: State-of-the-art Linux Eye Candy

__/ [Lefty Bigfoot] on Sunday 05 February 2006 07:49 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote
> (in article <ds3v3o$2eo$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>):
>> http://gnomedesktop.org/node/2580
>> Novell Linux Desktop Demonstration Videos
>> "A preview of Novell Linux Desktop 10 (NLD10) was shown to an audience at
>> the Solutions Linux conference this week in Paris. We have a selection of
>> videos which display a variety of amazing effects through the use of XGL,
>> including transparency, wobbling windows, a 3D Cube for desktop switching,
>> and a task switcher which displays a preview of windows."
> Once again, an army of software developers focused on demo-ware
> instead of a useful, functional UI for daily use.

These  bits are disabled by default. The above shows the GNOME desktop en-
vironment, yet both KDE and GNOME are lightweight by default. Picking more
poison  (plug-ins) is an option which is left to the user and made trivial
to  enable.  KDE does not even add shadows to menus by default, let  alone
dare to add any translucency effects or revolving desktop switchers.

That aside, your comment implies that Linux does not have a "functional UI
for  daily  use"? Have you used Linux at all? Or did you ditch *nix in the
mid-nineties,  which  may leave you with the impression and  fallacy  that
Linux is "all command-line"?

Your comment clearly describes what we already see in XP where no function
is  available to the user, even upon will. Commercial third-party software
often  makes  up for the gap. Vista is clearly a case of demo-ware,  which
has led to whines because it's there by default.


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