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Re: State-of-the-art Linux Eye Candy

__/ [Lefty Bigfoot] on Sunday 05 February 2006 20:59 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote
> (in article <ds4bcs$1hvl$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>):
>> __/ [Lefty Bigfoot] on Sunday 05 February 2006 07:49 \__
>>> Once again, an army of software developers focused on demo-ware
>>> instead of a useful, functional UI for daily use.
>> These bits are disabled by default.
> In which case there isn't much point in demoing them.  After
> watching the videos, there is even less point in demoing them.
> Most are absymal.

Okay, to be fair, 'demoable' bits should be part of a demo. It would be hard
for viewers to convey the user experience and practical advantages while
sitting in a chair and watching a projected picture. Then again, I take your
point and I agree to some extent.

>> That aside, your comment implies that Linux does not have a "functional UI
>> for  daily  use"?
> No, it does not.  It implies that the features demo'd do not
> move toward enhancing the existing UI to that end.

This must have been a falsified inference on my behalf. Yes, I agree.

>> Have you used Linux at all?
> LOL.  Yeah, since the dark ages when nobody used it.  I've done
> Linux development work for three different companies, I've used
> at least a dozen different distros (and many versions of each)
> over the years, and I still use it daily on 3 different
> computers.  I've run it on x86, AMD64, PPC, an iPaq, etc.  Nice
> shot in the dark though.  :-)

Oops. I have not come across your name before (in my poor defence). That is
the misfortunate outcome of a presumptuous and fragile group like COLA.
Humility is me, the joke's on me.

>> Or did you ditch *nix in the
>> mid-nineties,  which  may leave you with the impression and  fallacy  that
>> Linux is "all command-line"?
> Nope.  And, I actually like the command line for most tasks that
> don't really need a gui.  The CLI is typically faster for me
> when I have a specific task in mind.  I don't try and pretend
> that is applicable to the general population though.  Keep
> guessing.
>> Your comment clearly describes what we already see in XP where no function
>> is  available to the user, even upon will. Commercial third-party software
>> often  makes  up for the gap. Vista is clearly a case of demo-ware,  which
>> has led to whines because it's there by default.
> I'm not sure how my comment says anything at all about Windows,
> but since you were so accurate with your earlier comments, I'll
> just put this in the same category.

I forgot to mention Mac OSX, which as Peter rudely said, revolves around
showcasing itself. Vista seems like Microsoft's answer to that "Windows XP
is not as Pretty as Tiger" statement. I guess that practicality if forsaken
nowadays and gives space to new types of design incompetence. As long as
it's reversible, that's fine.

Best regards,


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