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Re: article download speed...

__/ [Vahis] on Sunday 05 February 2006 17:06 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> I'm using Thunderbird in SUSE and when testing Windows in virtual
>>> machines I've used it there, too. I have no such difference.
>>> Since you are using different newsreaders it's a bit hard to
>>> tell, but I guess if you haven't disabled ipv6 in KDE, that might
>>> have an influence. Maybe you have already?
>>> Vahis
>> Be sure to use a news reader (I notice that you are using Thunderbird 1.5,
>> not KNode) which has the capability of multi-threaded downloading of
>> messages, assuming your news server supports and permits it.
>> There are other factors to consider, some of which relate to the current
>> network and system load (open a monitor to profile this). Be sure to check
>> if both Windows and Linux (Thunderbird) download the same number of
>> messages and have analogous settings. You need to benchmark this under
>> similar conditions. The applications' default settings may lead to
>> significant performance gaps.
>> Roy
> You meant to reply to the OP? She is using Knode.
> I have no problems with my news reading.
> I just said so to her :)
> Vahis

Oops. I meant to reply to you. *That* was no accident. However, I kept my
eyes on the wrong headers. I sometimes wish I was using Thunderbird for
Newsgroups (instead of KNode). I use Thunderbird for E-mail and I know how
costly (in terms of learning curve, e.g. scripts, settings, keybindings,
mail/address data) it was to move from KMail to Thunderbird, so I will stick
with KNode for the time being. I wonder how much I am truly missing because
I use Mozilla Mail on another computer to check newsgroup. It's quite neat,
as a matter of fact.


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