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Re: WHY Photoshop tops most-wanted Linux app list

On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 06:44:58 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> People who request that port are people who have never put their hands on
> other toolkits or have previously taken pricy courses on Photoshop. Same
> principles apply to MS Office, which is taught everywhere, sometimes due to
> curricula of the Government for schools.

Or, maybe they've just been using photoshop for 15 years and know it like
their own neighborhood.  Who wants to arbitrarily learn a new program, and
give up 15 years of experience?

That would be like taking someone that's a carpenter, with 15 years of
cabinetmaking, and making them become a brick layer.  They lose their

> Any Windows user knows that Corel Draw and JASC Paintshop Pro can, in
> practical use, do almost everything which Photoshop does.

No, they don't.  because that's not true.  Corel Draw is a vector imaging
program, not a photo editing tool.  Paintshop Pro can do many of the common
tasks of Photoshop, but is nowhere near it in professional features.

And, the one thing that the Gimp can't, and probably will never do, is use
the vast existing array of photoshop plug-ins that users have to do various
things that even Photoshop, in all it's complexity, can't do or can't do

That, in and of itself, is enough for most people to disregard the gimp,
even on Windows.

> * http://www.gimpshop.net/

That only goes so far.

> The fact that Photoshop has become a dictionary term in its own right (much
> like "Google") does not help either. A crushing majority of the participants
> in the GIMP newsgroups (and mailing lists go) about with statements like "In
> Photoshop I do X, now how can I do it in the GIMP?"

That should tell you something.

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