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Re: Duplicate Content Penalties

__/ [Big Bill] on Monday 06 February 2006 17:26 \__

> <snip />
>>The  outcome: at present, the new site gets hundreds of referrals per  day
>>and  the  old one gets _less than one referral (on average) per  day_.  In
>>terms  of crawling, the old site continues to be crawled (sometimes heavi-
>>ly) by MSN, but it is almost disregarded by other crawlers which move much
>>more slowly. Some PageRank has remained alive in the old site.
>>I hope this serves as somewhat of a practical example. I separated yet an-
>>other section of my main site to create a stand-alone domain. The old sec-
>>tion  remained  in tact, but it redirects using HTTP refreshes  (imperfect
>>strategy,  but  a  good enough /ad hoc/ solution). The new site  gets  the
>>traffic  and the old section has lost that traffic. If it were not for the
>>redirections,  I think I would have been penalised. Identical pages cannot
>>appear  in tandem in page 1 of the search results. Not unless it's the CIA
>> <snip />
> And how are  you doing in the ranks these days? Any recent
> improvements?

Yes, thanks for asking. A noticeable surge over the past few days for no
obvious reason and other sites continue to grow as well. I might have to
change to dedicated hosting soon. *smile*


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