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Re: Alternative Search Engines

__/ [aniramca@xxxxxxxxx] on Tuesday 07 February 2006 03:44 \__

> I left Explorer over a year ago and went to Opera and/or Firefox....
> never ever to return.
> I am still waiting for similar thing for the operating software. ...

Try Kubuntu 5, SuSE 10 or Mandriva 2006. They are all based on the Linux
kernel and, much like Firefox and Opera, their desktop environment (KDE)
gives you anything which exists under the sun. Think of virtual desktops as
tabbed browsing and also think of the browser security-O/S security analogy.
One could go on forever listing all the features that Windows lacks, even
with third-party enhancements.

> ... Fed up
> with all of the troublesome features that keep going on and on and on.
> I also wonder if anyone knows about alternative search engines, other
> than Google, Yahoo and MSN. ...

Only if you are searching a niche domain. If you search for different stuff,
which pertains to different fields every hour of the day, you would need to
accumulate a clumsy list of engines. Noone other than the top 3 can crawl a
decent proportion of the Web, as sparse as it is at present (not to mention
spam filtering).

> ... I found that these giants start to annoy
> me, as they have their own agendas. A search engine is supposed to work
> for you.... not to the advantage of advertisers, governments (example
> China with their censorship), or big corporation or media outlets which
> want to control what you do and purchase, you seek and what you want to
> buy or where to visit.
> I heard about an european search engine called "Exalead". Is there any
> others out there, that will work for you. I don't mind for those that
> do soft advertisement.... after all that is the way they make business.
>  However, I hate to see the ones that try to influence or even to force
> you to visit a certain targetted websites. If you don't want to visit
> these sites, then it is up to you, and you will not be forced by
> "creative" way when you open a website. "Creative" means a polite way
> that they come up with pop up that need to be closed, pop up that shows
> up before the stuff that you look for, etc. Does anyone aware that the
> stuff that you look in the web usually comes up last, after series of
> flashing advertisements, etc. etc.

You must be visiting the wrong Web sites or maybe you are not properly
equipped. As a short note on blocking Internet advertisements, I suggest you
block scripts and ads. *Use* the Web and do not eat anything that comes your

If someone served me with a tray of salad and French fries on the side, would
I absolutely *have* to eat the fries, which may lead to health
complications? No. Not only will I never choose to touch them, but I will
also ask, in due time, for the tray to be delivered without them, even for
the same cost which covers that full (hypothetical) meal.

I never click on ads and I have no interest in them, even if they show up.
They only take up bandwidth. Some people feel differently and my father once
admitted that he likes adverts, which left me gaped-mouthed. It is among the
only (of not the only) person whom I know sees this as contributory. If I
will not use the adverts, I would rather not see them.

> Where are the european search engines?  It is about time that they
> would create one, and free the world of the current serach engines. Or
> Australian or Canadian search engines?

Didn't the French got something started, at least at proposal-level? This
must be that thing you mentioned previously.

> We have now alternatives to Boeing airplanes, or a new and planned
> Galileo GPS system, etc.. Why not that we have a new, clean, lean and
> cooperative web search engine!
> Thanks for info and discussions

I agree.


Roy S. Schestowitz
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
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