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  • Subject: Re: VICTORY FOR LINUX!
  • From: "Larry Qualig" <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 10 Feb 2006 04:53:34 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Sig Sauer] on Friday 10 February 2006 01:26 \__
> >  My boss' frustration with keeping Windows internet connected machines
> > clean of bugs finally came to a head and erupted..... All over the desktop
> > of one of his junior doctor's desktops in the form of porn. One of the
> > office girls went to place an order for contact lenses from a supplier and
> > got a whopping eyeful of a very large, and very angry penis when she
> > opened IE.
> >    I work for a large eye care provider. Multiple locations in 2
> > states. The logistics of keeping the Windows internet connected machines
> > clean is a major, and expensive chore. My persistant prodding finally paid
> > off with the OK to install Linux on all machines connected to the
> > internet. OpenOffice will take the place of MS Office. He is letting me
> > choose the distro. I will probably use Mandriva 2006. It is what I use at
> > home, I have used Mandrake/Mandriva for several years, and it remains my
> > favorite. Of course he had some basic requirements, one of which is Palm
> > sync capabilities. :-) Nothing that Linux can't handle......beatifully.
> > Whew, my job just got a WHOLE lot easier.
> >
> > So add another dozen LINUX POWERed machines to the business desktop
> > community!
> >
> > Sig (the geek with the BIG GRIN on his face) Sauer
> Mandriva 2006 is a fine distribution. I saw it in action for the first time
> around 2 weeks ago. I helped a friend migrate to Linux, after a bit of
> prodding. He has a 64-bit AMD processor and I mistakenly brought 32-bit
> Ubuntu, which was initially installed with great success.
> He did not want GNOME; also he wanted to exploit the processor. Mandriva was
> his choice. Mind you, he never even saw Linux beforehand. It took him just
> an hour to familiarise himself with GNOME and KDE. Understanding which
> involves different distributions was not a hindrance either owing to plenty
> of documentation and information on the Web.
> Mandriva detected all the hardware perfectly and there was absolutely nothing
> about it that could be described as unprofessional. Moreover, Mandriva did
> things I was not expecting to be catered for without user intervention --
> all good things by all means: automation of various setups, network via
> router without setup and diallers. My friend was impressed and excited about
> Linux and he dropped his studies to explore that new passion.
> Thumbs up for Mandriva 2006 and great job prodding your boss, Sig. That
> friend's parents, by the way, run a factory with about a dozen machines. He
> is now urging them to consider Linux, so words and skills evidently
> propagate.
> Best wishes,
> Roy

I'll "second that" about Mandriva. Kier recommended it to me (Mandriva
2005LE) and it was very good. Since then I've been using SuSE which is
also excellent. I went ahead and downloaded the dvd iso image for
Mandriva 2006. I plan on trying it out on a spare hard-drive but there
just hasn't been enough time to do that yet.

As I've mentioned a few weeks back in another thread... some of the
smaller distros have a bit of a "home-made" look to them. (Try puppy
linux to see what I mean.) But Mandriva and SuSE are extremely
professional IMO. (Ubuntu too.)

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