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Re: Proper FTP manager required

__/ [Astra] on Friday 10 February 2006 11:37 \__

> Hi All
> Wondered if you could help.
> I've created a web site system that a number of users use on their sites,
> but I manage each individual site/system on my ISP's server.
> Creating updates to this system was fine when I only had a few users, but
> now its starting to become hard work uploading the required files to each
> site (I use CuteFTP) so I wondered if you knew of an FTP app that would
> allow me to automate the process.
> I basically want to put a file or files in a local folder and then instruct
> the app to auto-upload these files to the same places, but on each site. 
> If required, I can create the folder structure locally so that the app goes
> through a set of folders locally and uploads them to the same places on the
> sites.
> Do you know of an app that can automate the process of uploading the same
> files to certain directories across multiple FTP sites?
> Rgds Robbie

Use command-line FTP. Learn the fundamental ideas and script the transfer
processes, which can be turned into a repeatable process. If the sites run
upon Linux, you might also have privileges to SCP (Secure CoPy). Get the
trusted keys on both ends and you will be able to script the transfers, e.g.

scp -r ./my_site/php_directory

scp -r ./my_site2/php_directory


encapsulate all the above as a script and then run it using a cron job (KCron
front-end) or a scheduler in Windows. Apple Macs have cron-based facilities
as well.

Speaking of simple FTP'ing, with Internet Explorer and Konqueror (among other
applications/environment), FTP is a drag-and-drop job, albeit it is not
scriptable. Reap the benefits of the learning curve which scripting

With kind regards,


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