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Re: Windows vs. Linux - Get the Real Facts

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Also 'Dugg' this morning:
> http://www.kfwebs.net/articles/article/29/Get+the+facts+-+The+real+ones
> Foreward: 'Microsoft Inc. is running a campaign they name "Get The 
> Facts". In
> summary this is a way to try to stop the trend of migrating from 
> Microsoft
> products to GNU/Linux. Let us have a look at it.'

He says:  "As you weigh the costs and risks of Windows and Linux, 
consider this: More and more independent analysts and leading companies 
find that Windows Server System outperforms Linux on TCO, reliability, 
security, and indemnification. Get the facts, and make the decision 
that's right for your business."

Then he says: "Now don't get me wrong, Microsoft has its place and in 
many situations it can be profitable to use Microsoft applications. 
Their collaboration suites have potential and management of many 
computers can be relatively easy. At least in theory. The problems come 
if you try to use a non-Microsoft system in addition to the windows 
computer, as Microsoft for one keep their communication formats and 
document formats for themselves, as well as changing the application 
programmer interface (API) constantly with little documentation."

This tries to establish the so-called "open mind" thought to be 
essential to any believable analysis.  But then he says:
"I stopped using Microsoft software completely several years ago. My 
primary operating system (OS) is GNU/Linux, usually one of Mandriva or 
Gentoo. I have gotten several of my friends to use either GNU/Linux or 
Mac OS X, which has at least reduced my time spent on technical 

And so the analyst owns up to not having any recent knowledge of 
Microsoft software and describes a limp system experience, even by OSS 
standards, and clearly shows that he is hobbyist who can only muse about 
the real commercial computing environment.

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