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Re: Just got Mandriva

__/ [William Poaster] on Sunday 01 January 2006 23:55 \__

> Once upon a Sun, 01 Jan 2006 17:06:35 -0500 dreary, as I laboured tired &
> weary, came a tapping at my door when TheLetterK posted this, & nothing
> more...
>>> I would recommend SuSE if you intend to use many different applications,
>>> but (K)Ubuntu otherwise.
>> Huh? Ubuntu has access to a wider range of repositories, and more
>> packages. Ubuntu with just universe and multiverse uncommented is pretty
>> comprehensive, let alone the packages on all the third party repos.

I  guess  you are right, but it still requires  progressive  installation,
which  reminds me of one of the deterring truths about Windows and Mac OS.
Just  getting all your frequently- and rarely-used applications is a  sig-
nificant   chore.   With  SuSE,  I  keep  several  mirrors  of  the   home
directory/ies with all the dot files. If a hard-drive crash hits, just let
the  SuSE CD's roll, then restore home directories. The build is  complete
and well-integrated.

> Oh shit, not going over *that* again...

I agree. Installation out of the box is always more reliable than building
your  own  environment.  The  cost (pennies) is disk space.  There  is  no
Registry-like mechanism.


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