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Re: Mandriva and Mandrake (Was: Just got Mandriva)

On Monday 02 January 2006 18:22, Roy Schestowitz stood up and spoke the
following words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.advocacy...:/

> __/ [Aragorn] on Monday 02 January 2006 17:07 \__
>> On Monday 02 January 2006 01:50, Bob stood up and spoke the following
>> words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.advocacy...:/
>> <snip>
>>> Isn't Mandriva some composite of Mandrake, Linspire and...??
>> MandrakeSoft was facing charges from King Features because of the
>> references in their name and logo to "Mandrake The Magician", a comic
>> book hero.  At the same time, the company merged with Conectiva, and
>> thus it was decided to change the name from Mandrake to Mandriva, a
>> reference to the two distros it comprised of.
> Interesting. I always wondered what story was behind this transition.
> I was guessing that the approach to version 10 marked some form of a
> milestone.

Well, not really, because the transition happened around the release of
10.2, which was called Mandriva Limited Edition 2005 from then on.  The
"Limited Edition" came from the fact that this version was not intended
to be sold commercially and that it was "an intermediary release", as
the Mandriva people called it.

This 2005 Limited Edition also still had a lot of erroneous links that
pointed to the mandrake*.com websites, and to make it all more
confusing, Mandriva have just totally reworked their website, which
again places things out of their proper location.  Another "bug" was
that 2005LE also featured the name "Mandrake" in many locations, such
as the Mandrake Control Center - i.e. the central GUI system
configuration tool.

Strangely enough, version 10.0 featured a 2.6 kernel but still made use
of /devfs/ instead of /udev./  The latter was introduced in release

>> In the meantime, Mandriva has also acquired Lycoris.  Linspire was
>> originally called Lindows but was forced to a namechange because of a
>> lawsuite by Microsoft.  Linspire has nothing to do with Mandriva,
>> though.
> Ironically, the difference between the two is the "W" and the "L"
> where "W" could stand for "Winner". Some would also pronounce WinCE in
> certain self-flattering ways.
> This entire situation makes one wonder about Linux XP Desktop:
> http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=522&slide=17

If I'm not mistaken, then that is more or less what Linspire must look
like.  I find it quite disturbing that so many new GNU/Linux users
really _need_ a desktop that looks like Windows XP, while there are so
many more ways of configuring your desktop.

Mine looks as I want it to look, not as Windows looks.  I'm also not one
of those "KDE is too Windows-like" people, because that's hogwash too. 
KDE is what it is and one can theme it up or customize it as one wants.

And if any proprietary desktop environment looks cool these days, then
I'd say that OS X wins from Windows - including Vista - hands down.  

Functionally, KDE beats them both, though. ;-)

With kind regards,

(Registered GNU/Linux user #223157)

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