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Re: Just got Mandriva

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [Kier] on Sunday 01 January 2006 13:20 \__

On Sun, 01 Jan 2006 04:29:26 -0800, Bob wrote:

Kier was referring to initial installation of the O/S, but the OP mentions
package management. In SuSE, YaST takes care of everything. In Ubuntu,
Synaptic does likewise.

I have heard that the Yast and Synaptic method of pkg management is much better.

You needn't know anything about dependencies. The
distro knows them all and almost hides these nasty details from you (unless
of course you wish to review them). Just tick the box next to the
application which you desire to install, press accept and *Kaboom*; New icon
in the launcher/kicker (AKA "Start menu"). No need to restart either.

I suspect that you chose the wrong distro.

Well the Suse's were all ripped off out of the mags! Otherwise, I was going to buy the Suse mag too. ;)

I see people in the Mandrake
newsgroup who migrate to SuSE or say something like "Mandriva is OK, but
it's nowhere compared to SuSE". Mandrake/driva has history, a community,
sentimental values, expertise, and emotional attachment. [I hope I offend
nobody here]

I used Mandrake for a for a while, but it was not reliable. I used it on two
machines in fact. Never by choice.>

Isn't Mandriva some composite of Mandrake, Linspire and...??

Reading more, it seems sad that Mandriva is still on rpm, which
apparently involves some Linux version of dependency hell.

Not really, no. Ever heard of urpmi? Well, Mandriva has this nice easy way
to set it up, and from then on, it's generally without problems in the
dependancy department. Leastways, I have rarely encountered any that were
insoluable by the application of simple common-sense.>

YaSY makes use of RPM's too, but provided you have all the installation CD's,
there is no dependency hell, let alone any warnings.>


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