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Re: Palm One Desktop Calendar Restoration

__/ [Frank K.] on Tuesday 27 December 2005 16:08 \__

> When I installed the Palm One Desktop application on my Windows XP PC,
> I chose "tools/options "data directory," and changed the default to put
> the "data" in a specified data folder that is separate from the Palm
> One application.  I frequently backup this data folder.
> When I reformatted my C drive this past weekend, I was disapponted to
> find that the Palm One "data" file I've been saving is a "dat" file,
> not a "dba" file.  Is there any way to restore my calendars from a
> Backup My PC differential backup that is current?  I've tried to
> replace the palm.gid file with the backed up gid file, to no avail.

What happens if you replace or overwrite the DAT file with the contents of
the old one? Make backups before you attempt this, of course. Palm Desktop
will  generally  store everything in that file and read it at  the  start.
Perhaps  you can 'fool' it into reading the old data. Merging changes is a
whole different matter.

As a general note, I loathe the proprietary formats that Palm use to store
your  personal  data in. They ought to have used something like  XML.  The
formats  at present prevent the user from making easy migrations, transla-
tions, conversions, or even share data.


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