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Re: Best programming tool for Palm

__/ [Brooke] on Wednesday 28 December 2005 16:36 \__

>     I am a software developer and have written a number of programs for
> Windows Mobile, but now I would like to start writing software for the Palm
> devices.  The Windows platform has a number of different languages and
> IDE's available for development. (I currently use Visual C++ and C# with
> .NET). It appears that most of the Palm development is done in C or C++ and
> involves a lot more effort to produce programs that are less capable.
>     I am experienced with C, C++, C#, Visual Basic for DOS, Visual Basic
> (WIN16 & WIN32), Visual Basic.NET, Java, Pascal (Delphi), etc, so I am
> really not concerned about the language required. I would rather spend my
> time on the program/software that I am writing and not on the tool being
> used(IDE and limitations of the language implemented).  Is there anything
> available for Palm development that is similar to C# and .NET? Or for that
> matter, similar to Visual C++?

For  the reasons mentioned above, it is sometimes better to stick to  lan-
guages  that are inter-operable and not fight them for the sake of immedi-
ate  convenience.  By using a standard ANSI P/L You have the advantage  of
being  able to port your application without extra effort and without pay-
ing for licences. .NET, C# and Basic may be 'easy', but it is owing to the
fact  that they serve a single platform. It is restricted by a vendor that
controls closed-source libraries.

A  discussion was raised here before which, if I recall correctly, made  a
mentioning  of Basic tools for Palm. Making compilers as such available is
adverse to the motive of Windows Mobile and this started a small flamewar.
The  final conclusion was that applications should be written in C/C++  or
at least ported to those (and related) languages.

Best wishes,


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