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Re: Experts: Windows Flaw Can't Wait for Microsoft Fix

__/ [Sinister Midget] on Wednesday 04 January 2006 07:32 \__

> http://www.pcworld.com/resource/article/0,aid,124142,pg,1,RSS,RSS,00.asp
>    Users of the Windows OS should install an unofficial security patch
>    now, without waiting for Microsoft to make its move, security
>    researchers at The SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center (ISC) advised
>    this week.
> .....
>    Microsoft advised on December 28 that to exploit a WMF vulnerability
>    by e-mail, "customers would have to be persuaded to click on a link
>    within a malicious e-mail or open an attachment that exploited the
>    vulnerability." Microsoft's advisory can be found online.
>    However, simply viewing the folder that contains the affected file,
>    or even allowing the file to be indexed by desktop search utilities
>    such as the Google Desktop, can trigger its payload, F-Secure's
>    Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen wrote in the company's blog.
> I think they forgot to consult our own horse's ass, Mr. Ed. He assures
> us all is well. Evidently they're still operating from a position of
> ignorance.

You promised daily niceties. Where is today's nicety? I thought that any
message that target Microsoft Windows directly misses the point of
advocating Linux. I still abide by this belief, but evidently I reply to the
wrong partent. *smile*

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