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Re: Google Computers - Hardware Coming to Town

__/ [catherine yronwode] on Thursday 05 January 2006 00:51 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Google  could possibly pay customers and then borrow some
>> resources  (net-work bandwidth is important) from them.
>> Ultimately, customers would report back  to the datacentres. If
>> they sell machines worldwide, this could help establish
>> distributed, fragmented datacentres that perhaps act as proxies
>> too.
> Think of something like the SETI screensaver / data-cruncher program.
> Perfect!
> Marketing the idea: Google would give you a free mini-computer, or free
> software, or a free network enabled phone, or free tunes, or free
> airline miles, or something of "perceived value" if you let google use
> your machine while you were online but not "doing" anything. The more
> time you logged for google tasks (that is, online time you let them use
> your machine), the more free stuff you would get.
> What a splendid concept! They should test this on a small scale in
> Northern California. I would sign up immediately.

That concept is becoming popular, but not among commercial bodies which must
find ways to lure people to exposue of themselves. SETI just burns energy in
vain in my humble opinion. The World Community Grid is helping science <
http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ > and some other search engines use this
idea already < http://www.majestic12.co.uk/ >

Best Wishes,


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