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Re: From 0 (Windows) to 100 (Linux) in 15 minutes!

__/ [Peter Jensen] on Monday 09 January 2006 17:57 \__

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> Ray Ingles wrote:
>>> I wouldn't usually link to my own items, but I find it to be very
>>> relevant to this write-up of yours. Very fresh and timely as well.
>> Okay, that animated "favorites" icon is *incredibly* annoying, and
>> can't stopped with a simple "ESC". I may have to work up a Firefox
>> patch specifically to stop that kind of stuff.
> Just install the adblock extension and block that particular favicon.ico
> file.
>> No problems with the content, of course, but that aspect of the site
>> set my nerves on edge.
> Yeah, I feel the same way.  It's oddly disturbing ...

It used to distract me as well; only the first week probably. Animations are
typically indicators of motion, i.e. page being loaded or incomplete. In due
time, animations become something that I interpreted differently.

More sites are beginning to use that functionality. This morning I found a
citation to my site, which I had earned due to the favicon <
http://myvogonpoetry.com/wp/2005/10/10/animated-favicons/ >. It brought
enough traffic to be tractable (#1 for 'animated favicon' in Google).

Everything new is either exciting or a nuisance to get used to. The quick fix
is to use a browser that does not support animation. I think that Firefox
1.5 even animated these when embedded in the Bookmarks. Ouch!


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