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Re: New page vs. new keyword?

__/ [Hymer] on Saturday 14 January 2006 16:00 \__

> Hello Everyone,
> I have a webpage that ranks in the top 5 in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for my
> primary keyword which is a very general term.
> Now I want to optimize for a new keyword that is related to the primary
> keyword but can be considered a new topic.
> Is it better to add the new keyword to page getting the good rankings or
> create a new page just for that keyword?
> Thanks a lot,
> Bob

Probably  create another page and include both words in the title and  re-
peat  them in the body (content). By doing so, you will at least not  lose
what you already have. The strong keyword from the main page will probably
not propagate to the 'child page' though.

[excuse a silly hypothetical example]

A  lot  of emphasis is put on page titles, so if your main page was  about
"dogs",  your secondary page should be titled "domestic dogs".  "Domestic"
on  its  own means something else and will be assumed irrelevant based  on
the  page content. If the page mentions "dog" and "dogs" quite repeatedly,
it  could otherwise become a mismatch w.r.t. the title. That's my personal
option,  but it depends on the actual content in question and the competi-
tiveness over the search phrase/s.


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