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Re: New page vs. new keyword?

__/ [Hymer] on Saturday 14 January 2006 17:48 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dqbbb4$1mbb$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Hymer] on Saturday 14 January 2006 16:00 \__
>>> Hello Everyone,
>>> I have a webpage that ranks in the top 5 in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for my
>>> primary keyword which is a very general term.
>>> Now I want to optimize for a new keyword that is related to the primary
>>> keyword but can be considered a new topic.
>>> Is it better to add the new keyword to page getting the good rankings or
>>> create a new page just for that keyword?
>>> Thanks a lot,
>>> Bob
>> Probably  create another page and include both words in the title and  re-
>> peat  them in the body (content). By doing so, you will at least not  lose
>> what you already have. The strong keyword from the main page will probably
>> not propagate to the 'child page' though.
>> [excuse a silly hypothetical example]
>> A  lot  of emphasis is put on page titles, so if your main page was  about
>> "dogs",  your secondary page should be titled "domestic dogs".  "Domestic"
>> on  its  own means something else and will be assumed irrelevant based  on
>> the  page content. If the page mentions "dog" and "dogs" quite repeatedly,
>> it  could otherwise become a mismatch w.r.t. the title. That's my personal
>> option,  but it depends on the actual content in question and the competi-
>> tiveness over the search phrase/s.
>> Roy
> Hi Roy,
> Yes, that is what I was thinking also. Actually, my primary key phrase is
> "user interface design." But I now want to do "usability." ...

Hmmm... that's not contained in the phrase that you dominate already. While
the ideas are closely-correlated and content might have verbal overlap,
indexes are not aware of this relationship. Stemming is the only exception,
but not synonyms, I suspect.

> ...So it's not like
> adding a term to what I already have (dog and domestic dog). Rather, it
> would be more like dog and cat. I already have several modifying words with
> "user interface design" such as "user interface design consulting" which is
> 1 or 2 in Google. But this would be trying get people that search for
> "usability" alone.

Have you yet taken a look to see the top 10 in that SERP? It is worth
checking if you can fit in that 'league'. I rarely ever fit anywhere among
1-word results pages, unless it involves a typo or arcane terms.

> I think the principal still holds though. A new page would permit little
> reference to "user interface design" and a lot of "usability" and
> "usability testing."
> Do you agree?
> Thanks,
> Bob

In my humble opinion, in order to fit anywhere which is worthwhile, you would
have to work gard. For hot terminology (due to 'Web hype') such as
"usability", you would need something on par with the scale of

You would need many links which contain the word "usability" to point to that
brand new page. I can assure you that many blogs already point to usability
pages /en masse/. Bloggers tend to write a lot about Web terminology (that's
why they have Web sites) and without looking up the term, I can imagine
which sites should come up on top. I once found myself in number #47 for
"roy" even though my page does not contain "roy" and neither do most of my
inbound links. I've dropped to oblivion over time.

Hope it helps,


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