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Re: New page vs. new keyword?

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [Hymer] on Saturday 14 January 2006 17:48 \__
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:dqbbb4$1mbb$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> __/ [Hymer] on Saturday 14 January 2006 16:00 \__
>>>> Hello Everyone,
>>>> I have a webpage that ranks in the top 5 in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for 
>>>> my
>>>> primary keyword which is a very general term.
>>>> Now I want to optimize for a new keyword that is related to the primary
>>>> keyword but can be considered a new topic.
>>>> Is it better to add the new keyword to page getting the good rankings 
>>>> or
>>>> create a new page just for that keyword?
>>>> Thanks a lot,
>>>> Bob
>>> Probably  create another page and include both words in the title and 
>>> re-
>>> peat  them in the body (content). By doing so, you will at least not 
>>> lose
>>> what you already have. The strong keyword from the main page will 
>>> probably
>>> not propagate to the 'child page' though.
>>> [excuse a silly hypothetical example]
>>> A  lot  of emphasis is put on page titles, so if your main page was 
>>> about
>>> "dogs",  your secondary page should be titled "domestic dogs". 
>>> "Domestic"
>>> on  its  own means something else and will be assumed irrelevant based 
>>> on
>>> the  page content. If the page mentions "dog" and "dogs" quite 
>>> repeatedly,
>>> it  could otherwise become a mismatch w.r.t. the title. That's my 
>>> personal
>>> option,  but it depends on the actual content in question and the 
>>> competi-
>>> tiveness over the search phrase/s.
>>> Roy
>> Hi Roy,
>> Yes, that is what I was thinking also. Actually, my primary key phrase is
>> "user interface design." But I now want to do "usability." ...
> Hmmm... that's not contained in the phrase that you dominate already. 
> While
> the ideas are closely-correlated and content might have verbal overlap,
> indexes are not aware of this relationship. Stemming is the only 
> exception,
> but not synonyms, I suspect.
>> ...So it's not like
>> adding a term to what I already have (dog and domestic dog). Rather, it
>> would be more like dog and cat. I already have several modifying words 
>> with
>> "user interface design" such as "user interface design consulting" which 
>> is
>> 1 or 2 in Google. But this would be trying get people that search for
>> "usability" alone.
> Have you yet taken a look to see the top 10 in that SERP? It is worth
> checking if you can fit in that 'league'. I rarely ever fit anywhere among
> 1-word results pages, unless it involves a typo or arcane terms.
>> I think the principal still holds though. A new page would permit little
>> reference to "user interface design" and a lot of "usability" and
>> "usability testing."
>> Do you agree?
>> Thanks,
>> Bob
> In my humble opinion, in order to fit anywhere which is worthwhile, you 
> would
> have to work gard. For hot terminology (due to 'Web hype') such as
> "usability", you would need something on par with the scale of
> Googlebombing.
> You would need many links which contain the word "usability" to point to 
> that
> brand new page. I can assure you that many blogs already point to 
> usability
> pages /en masse/. Bloggers tend to write a lot about Web terminology 
> (that's
> why they have Web sites) and without looking up the term, I can imagine
> which sites should come up on top. I once found myself in number #47 for
> "roy" even though my page does not contain "roy" and neither do most of my
> inbound links. I've dropped to oblivion over time.
> Hope it helps,
> Roy

Thanks Bill and Roy,

Right now, my blog which is part of the main site is about 60 in google for 
"usability." But I don't have a separate page for usability. I think I can 
prepare a page with lots of usability links (similar to my "user interface 
design" page) that will attract some attention. And, I can get a lot of good 
internal links from my PR6 pages. Plus I can publicize the new page in the 
blog and probably get some relevant outside links.

I think it is worth a try. I don't see that it would hurt anything and over 
time I could get in the top 10. Right now I know everyone that is there. A 
few I will never beat like professional organizations but I think I have a 
chance to get within the top 10 in about six months to a year.

I think I will give it a shot.

Thanks Again,


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