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Directory/File 'Stuck' in Webspace

For over a year I have been trying to remove a void directory, which I once
created in cPanel's file manager. When trying to remove it from cPanel's
interface: "Internal Error, can't find that folder". I tried shell access

$ ls
        Perturbation_Specification/        Perturbation/
Error_Propagation/                 Perturbation_Method/
Euclidean/                         Presentation_and_Talk/
ISBI_2006_Plan/                    Sensitivity_Errors/
ISBI_Structure/                    Shuffle_Distance/
January_2005_Tools/                Thesis_Structure/
NRR_Evaluation_Assessment_Errors/  index.htm
$ rmdir Perturbation_Specification
rmdir: `Perturbation_Specification': No such file or directory
$ rmdir \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Perturbation_Specification
rmdir: `        Perturbation_Specification': No such file or directory

I thought it would be resolved in due time (maybe owing to filesystem
maintenance carried out by the Web host). After a year I am led to believe
that it's there to stay forever. No luck with FTP either. About 10 minutes
ago I renamed a file via cPanel; the filename mistakenly contained a space
at the start. It seems like the same scenario all over again, so I decided
to ask you guys. There's cruft left behind and I spend plenty of time trying
to remove it to no avail. Any workarounds or ideas? Red Hat  
2.4.20-30.9smp/Apache 1.3.33/cPanel X v2.5.0/

/Many/ thanks in advance,


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