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Re: Open Source $aves Electricity

__/ [ Oliver Wong ] on Wednesday 26 July 2006 18:29 \__

> <nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1153899427.955549.220130@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> The article starts off talking about electricity, then drifts into
>> other topics.
>     I read the article, and I didn't really get how it is that open source
> save electricity...

You're quite the skpetic, are you not? *smile* It is a known
fact that you need several Windows servers (or use fractions
thereof)  to  carry out the work of just one  UNIX/BSD/Linux
server  with  the  same hardware specifications  (leave  TCO
aside  for now). The use of resources in Windows  (including
the   cost  of  instantiating  many  processes,  as  in  Web
servers...  article refers to Craigslist) is blazingly high.
There  are many more technical issues* that  make  GNU/Linux
more   resource  efficient  (and  thus  less   inclined   to
overheating, high consumption of power, etc.)

To give just one reference from a *gasp* Microsoft study:


,----[ Quote ]
| What's noteworthy about it is that Microsoft compared Singularity to
| FreeBSD and Linux as well as Windows/XP - and almost every result
| shows Windows losing to the two Unix variants. For example, they show
| the number of CPU cycles needed to "create and start a process" as
| 1,032,000 for FreeBSD, 719,000 for Linux, and 5,376,000 for
| Windows/XP."

*See newsgroup archives.

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