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Re: Linux brings hope to Spain's poorest region

__/ [ x0054 ] on Sunday 12 March 2006 09:06 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> news:dv05r5$bk6$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>> __/ [ Lobo ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 22:37 \__
> http://insight.zdnet.co.uk/software/linuxunix/0,39020472,39197928,00.h
>>> tm
>>> "The biggest implementation of open source technology in the region
>>> to date has been in the education sector, with around 70,000 desktop
>>> PCs and 400 servers in schools across the region now running
>>> Extremadura's unique version of Linux called LinEx, which was created
>>> by a Spanish company and is based on Debian."
>>> It will be the poor/havenot countries in the world which will bring
>>> Linux to the forefront in computing. These children have no previous
>>> exposure to computers so they do not have the Microsoft mindset.
>>> I also think that these kids will have a far more richer experience
>>> in computing using Linux due to it's inherent "hands on" nature. Many
>>> of the children in first world countries have been "dumbed down" with
>>> Windows.
>>> I can envision many of these kids becoming the programmers of the
>>> future.
>> I can see the same thing happening in the east. There are lots of
>> talented programmers  that  simply  want to give back to the community
>>  which  they cherish and constantly benefit from.
>> In  turn,  you begin to see more and more complete project (and of
>> course code  to  be  re-used) coming from non-first world countries.
>> This  could prove  a  serious peril to Microsoft in the future, which
>> is why  they  so forcibly  undermine  and fight initiatives like the
>> 100 dollar laptop  and offer  low-cost  Windows to countries where the
>> Windows tax drives  people away  to GNU/Linux. Then you have the
>> resistance to ODF, among other tools for openness and
>> inter-operability.
>> If  you look a decade into the past, Linux lacked programmers
>> (workforce) to  provide  a  comprehensive workframe for the users.
>> Nowadays,  we  have Firefox,  Thunderbird  (with extensions),
>> OpenOffice, Mono and  so  forth. There  is funding too. The tools used
>> are quite standardised and are nowa- days  fully-supported  by IT
>> staff. You have the GNOME and KDE camp,  too. Suddenly,  Windows
>> cannot boast having powerful tools that exist  nowhere else. Redmond
>> can attempt to stop it, but it is already too late.
>> Name  one project/application that puts Windows user in a position of
>> ad- vantage?  Some would say "Office" or "Photoshop", but all these
>> ever offer is unneeded cruft.
> OCR - after that I can be totally happy :) That's all. And Photoshop
> runs grate under wine.

It's already worked on. 15 developers are involved.


Also see:


I used Photoshop for many years as a teenager. I have been using the GIMP
very happily for 4 years. Learn it thoroughly and you will see that
Photoshop becomes obsolete.

Best wishes,


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